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Are tree stumps ruining the look of your garden? We'll help you remove unnecessary stumps from your yard. Call C & B Tree Service today for our expert stump grinding services that will make your yard safe and kid-friendly.


Your lawn will be a beautiful sight when you have those ugly tree stumps removed. Trust our workmanship to do the right thing for your yard. Your satisfaction and your safety are our primary goals.

Get rid of ugly stumps from your yard

Exemplary stump grinding services

Our stump grinding services will take out stumps 6 inches below the surface. After filling the hole, a lawn mower can run over the area without any difficulty. We also leave pile of extra shavings so you can add more fill to the hole after it rains.


Mulch will be produced after a stump grinding process, which can be mixed with topsoil. Grass will grow really fast where a tree stump has been. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and understand the pricing details.

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Remove Unwanted Tree Stumps from Your Yard