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Carl did his first tree-cutting job for a farmer who wanted to remove some trees in his yard. He had never been in the tree removal services before, but with confidence and a little research Carl came back the very next day and did the job.


To gain knowledge about tree care services, he watched videos on saftey, different cut's to make while using a saw, and different types of knots while lowering branches. Carl started to realize that he really enjoyed cutting trees and he was very good at it. The farmer suggested to Carl that he start his own tree service company. With alot of hard work and research Carl started C & B Tree Service  in February 2012.

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Carl really enjoys providing not just a good, but an excellent service to the Deep East Texas area. With the right and professional tree removal equipment such as saw's, climbing gear, grapple truck, log trailer, and much more, he's able to do just that. With the right skills, the right equipment, and a 4-man crew, he is successfully running his business for the last several years.Carl say's (I'AM PROUD TO ADMIT THAT I'AM A CHRISTIAN, AND AS A CHRISTIAN HOW I DO WORK REFLECTS HOW THE LORD IS.)    

C & B Tree Service now provides superior-quality tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, debris cleanup, and millwork services to the Lufkin and surrounding areas.

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